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Global Landing Pads

Braid Theory creates bespoke programs to prepare international companies for the Southern California market

These specialized landing pad programs support international blue economy entrepreneurs interested in participating in the US market. Activities in these programs include stakeholder engagement, accelerator services, and technical/industry mentoring. Over three years, more than 20 companies have completed the program through our partnership with the Canadian government. Braid Theory is currently supporting two programs, Canada's SoCal Cleantech Express and Ocean Tech Market Readiness Program.

SoCal Cleantech Express

This high intensity service initiative assists export-experienced Canadian companies to gain access to the Southern California market. Braid Theory supports cleantech solutions for the ports and goods movement industry. Activities include deep dive industry reporting, presentation coaching, advisory services and business development support.

Ocean Tech Market Readiness Program

This multi-faceted program includes the following components: entrepreneur recruitment assistance; blue economy market reports and webinars; hybrid accelerator/landing pad approach customized for each participating startup or scale up; and “boots on the ground” business development activities.


SoCal CleanTech Express


Ocean Tech Market Readiness Program