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Braid Theory’s pre-accelerator and accelerator programs solely target blue economy entrepreneurs

Following previous customized advisory services, Braid Theory offers a variety accelerator programming, aiming to capture the most promising solutions across all areas of the blue economy innovation ecosystem and enabling technologies.

Each acceleration program follows a curriculum-based instructional and milestone approach, offering an additional 6 months of support post-program. Startups also receive access to Braid Theory's unique waterfront facility with coworking areas, lab space, test-beds, and platforms for ocean observing and robotics. Entrepreneurs work with a team of advisors, instructors, and market partners to accelerate business growth on a path to commercialization, connecting with the MOANA Angel Network, seed and venture capital partners, as well as undiluted capital sources including grants.

Springboard Sprint to Pilot Accelerator

Springboard - Innovation Studio

Designed around teams looking to develop pilot projects, gain valuable data and insights in key market areas, and validate their 3-5 TRL. Beginning in late-August 2022.

30-day curriculum-based instructional milestone approach with 4 additional months of pilot programming support, targeting solutions that have Ocean, Marine, and Maritime applications.

Launched in January 2022 at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, the inaugral Celsius, LA Blue, and Blue+ pre-accelerator and accelerator cohorts were fully subscribed, focusing on port efficiencies, aquaculture and fisheries, ocean observation, water and energy, and other sustainable ocean solutions.

Blue+ Ocean Accelerator


90-day Accelerator for full-time founders and solutions with strong technology and market readiness addressing shipping bottlenecks; aquaculture; ocean-related data; and ocean energy.

LA Blue Ocean Pre-Accelerator

LA Blue

60-day Pre-Accelerator for startups working on key scientific research and application around shipping, logistics, and transportation; ocean sustainability, the energy-water nexus; and ocean observation.

Celsius Ocean Pre-Accelerator


60-day Pre-Accelerator for synthetic biology entrepreneurs tackling new materials; the food supply; healthcare; and bioenergy.

Blue+ | Pod #1 (2022)

Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers

LA Blue | Pod #1 (2022)


Celsius | Pod #1 (2022)

Allos Bioscience
Recreate Energy
Seaweed Micro Solutions
Wild Genomics



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