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Do you have a solution which addresses global trade, future food, or surf and sea? Braid Theory is looking for startups which have applications in the blue economy. Program begins February 2023.

  • The Accelerator follows a 90-day curriculum-based instructional and milestone approach, with 6 additional months of support
  • We are focused on industries and adjacencies in the Blue Economy, where Braid Theory has been a long established leader and expert, with a proven track record of success with startups and scale-ups, and can provide exceptional value, domain expertise, and connections to industry
  • Startups will work with a team of advisors and instructors on reaching milestones, to accelerate business growth, that puts teams on a path to commercialization
  • Work with Braid Theory's market partners to find a path forward for your technology, including pilot project and partnership opportunities 
  • Access to our unique waterfront facility, located at the AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles campus, which includes access to the waterfront, test-beds and platforms for ocean observing and robotics, and a comfortable Coworking Space
  • Access to our MOANA Investor Network, and other connections to seed and venture capital, and other funding including grants, and other sources of undiluted capital
  • Package of services valued at over $250,000, including use of waterfront space and instruments, legal services package, perks and program support
  • A 2% warrant is taken in each company accepted into the program with a 3-year vesting period
  • No fees are associated with the program
  • First-time Founders and Technology and Scientist Founders from Underrepresented Communities are strongly encouraged to apply!
  • Startups may be selected from university teams conducting research or entertaining a commercialization pathway for their discoveries and ideas


Startups should be working on key scientific or engineering research, use-case and application around key areas:

🏄‍♂️ Surf and Sea: new materials, sustainable ocean recreation, coastal data, ocean observation, performance technology, gear and clothing, wearables, smart boating and marinas, collision avoidance, beach tech

🚢 Global Trade: trade documentation, port optimization, shipping and port decarbonization, tracking and traceability, cold chain solutions, digital twin, cybersecurity, occupational health and safety, maritime payments and insurance 

🍱 Future Food: packaging, tracking and traceability, value-added ingredients, lab-grown products, alt-proteins, water technologies, food supply chain, alt-seafood, food-water-energy nexus, kelp/seaweed

Startups should have a a strong technology and market readiness

  • TRL 2-7
  • MRL 2-7

Braid Theory concentrates on three key areas for company success. Teams should be prepared to focus on these three areas when accepted into the program:

  • Strong and defensible IP
  • Business model
  • Product-market fit 

Teams should:

  • Have at least one PI (Principal Investigator) co-founder
  • Have at least one EL (Entrepreneurial Lead) co-founder
  • At least one founder must be full-time
  • Teams do not have to be located in the US to apply, and much of the program is hybrid-virtual, however, at least one founder should be prepared to be in Los Angeles for part or all the duration of the program (let’s discuss if you have travel issues)
  • Have at least a beta/prototype and/or a proof-of-concept level product, to create an MVP (not just a procedure, protocol, or an idea phase)

Teams will be chosen on the basis of:

  • Uniqueness of concept
  • Be a digital, hardware or engineering solution to a real world problem

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